Thank you for visiting my website.  I have had the pleasure of living in this community for over 25 years, with my husband Mike and our two sons Patrick and Christopher.   From my many years of working in education as a volunteer, I have come to truly appreciate our families that live here, the teachers and staff that work within our schools,  and the strong support of this community for our students.  Being elected to the Tempe Union High School District would truly be an honor for me and I hope that you will support me in this endeavor.   

Why I'm running:

I believe education is one of the most influential variables on a person's success in life, and with that, I would love to have the opportunity to do whatever I can to make sure each student is successful during and after graduation. 

I have a strong connection to my community, resulting from many years of being involved as a education volunteer; this would be a natural step for me to continue this involvement.  

I find the topic of education very interesting and continue to enjoy researching issues, talking with parents, teachers and community members about what matters to them in education.

I have time, energy and the interest needed to take on these responsibilities.

If elected, I will:

  • Dedicate time to understand issues, doing my own research, as needed. I believe that any major proposed change should either have reliable research supporting it or a proven track record of outcomes reflecting goals.  

  • Support a process which includes gathering timely input from all stakeholders before a decision is made, so I have a clear understanding of all sides of issues.  

  • Consider the impact of a decision on students at a site or a program; as well as all students across our district.  No decision can be made in isolation.   

  • Watch over the budget carefully, whether we are in good times or bad - every dollar spent matters.  Existing programs should continue to be reviewed for effectiveness and new proposed programs should be scrutinized for cost and impact on students.

  • Stand by our highly performing teachers and recognize the importance of finding ways to retain and attract our classroom teachers that positively impact our  students on a daily basis.

  • Remain assessable to you. I will continue to listen to this community and share my views when appropriate.  


Sandy Lowe

Email:  Sandralowe@cox.net
Phone: 480-961-0388


Sandy Lowe (Under Construction)

Tempe Union High School District 2016


Statements of Support

I have known Sandy Lowe for 8 years.  As a passionate advocate for education she researches issues thoroughly, works with stakeholders in a positive manner, and encourages input in the pursuit of solutions, all while keeping the best interest of students as the focus.

Eduarda Schroder
Parent and Education Advocate - Corona Community

Sandy is an outstanding parent, community member and experienced education volunteer.  I can think of no better person to oversee the budgets, policies and to represent the needs of our parents, students, faculty and staff than Sandy.  I enthusiastically endorse her campaign for the Tempe Union High School District Governing Board and hope you will join me in voting for her. 

Kate Foreman

Sandy understands that ALL kids in Tempe Union High School District need to have opportunities in  high school to be prepared for their future.  She understands the importance of attracting and retaining highly qualified teachers, the importance of focusing on the goals at hand, and working together to find solutions to issues.  She is a visionary and works with parents, teachers and school leaders in making the right decisions to benefit students and their education!     

Ev Michell, Principal

Sandy has been extremely responsive to the needs of this District and schools.  She is attentive to details, prompt to assist in making things happen and get the job done, all while being highly personable and communicative.

Cathy Simpson
Parent - Desert Vista

I am very pleased and excited to endorse Sandy Lowe for theGoverning Board of the Tempe Union High School District.  I truly believe that Sandy is the type of person who will always strive to do what is best for all the students and communities in our district. As a former administrator and Board Member in the district I have had the opportunity to work with some excellent Board Members. I have full confidence that Sandy, given the opportunity, will be among that group.

Victor Sanchez
Former Board Member/Administrator

As a retired Kyrene teacher, I was fortunate to have one of Sandy's sons in my classroom and saw Sandy in the role of a positive and an energetic parent in our school.  I have also had the opportunity to interact and to discuss many educational issues with Sandy.  She is truly concerned with the education of our children and will devote her time and energy to have a positive impact on the education of the students in the Tempe Union High School District.

Mary Carol McGlumphy
Retired Educator

Sandy Lowe has been a vibrant positive force behind education in our community for over a decade.  She knows the ropes, she has great ideas, she cares deeply and she has my vote for the Tempe Union High School District Governing Board.

Angie Thornton
Community/Education Advocate

Sandy’s leadership and consensus building skills make her uniquely qualified to serve on the TUHSD Board.  As a tireless education advocate, she is well versed on public education issues and challenges.  Sandy has worked hand-in-hand with educators, parents, and community members to improve our schools.  She has the passion and desire to ensure that each student leaves TUHSD with the skills necessary to succeed.  That’s why I’m voting for Sandy! 

Lisa Zyriek
Parent/Education Advocate, Marcos de Niza Community

I believe Sandy would make a great governing board member for Tempe Union High School District. She has demonstrated to me, her commitment to this community as well as to all students in this District. She is a hard worker, understands the many facets of education and the challenges  our schools face; and I believe she will work diligently on behalf of  all students. Please join me in voting for Sandy for TUHSD.

Mel Hannah
Education Advocate
Phoenix/Ahwatukee Foothills

I strongly support Sandy Lowe for Tempe Union High School District Governing Board.  As a volunteer for many years in the schools and community, Sandy has the breadth of knowledge and experience on the critical issues facing our schools, including understanding the complexities of school funding.  I appreciate that she truly listens to all sides of an issue and looks for research and data to support ideas before taking a position. Sandy caresdeeply about the children in our community and our community schools and is always striving to make things better.  She would make a great addition to the Tempe Union Governing Board. 

Yvette David
Parent, Volunteer, Corona Community