​​​​​Dear Tempe Union Community,

Thank you for visiting my website.  I have had the pleasure of living in this community for almost 30 years, with my husband Mike and our two sons, Patrick and Christopher. I love it here because of you!  From my many years of working as a volunteer in public education, and now as a governing board member in Tempe Union High School District, I have come to truly appreciate what our District stands for, as well as the supportive community we live in.

It has been an honor to serve this community as a school board member and I hope you will support me once again in this endeavor.  

I’m choosing to run again because I believe education is one of the most influential variables on a person's success in life, and with that, I would love to continue to do whatever I can to make sure each student is successful during and after graduation. I have enjoyed my first term and I continue to appreciate our outstanding educators and school leaders, the parents that choose to entrust their kids to our District and this community for always supporting our schools.

I have the time, energy and the interest needed to take on the responsibilities of this role and I will always:

  • Dedicate time to understand issues, doing my own research, as needed. I believe that any major proposed change should either have reliable research supporting it or a proven track record of outcomes reflecting goals.  

  • Support a process that includes gathering timely input from all stakeholders before a decision is made and, so I have a clear understanding of all sides of issues.   Timely and relevant communication should be a part of this.

  • Consider the impact of a decision on students at a site or a program; as well as all students across our district.  No decision can be made in isolation.   

  • Watch over the budget carefully. Existing programs should continue to be reviewed for effectiveness and new proposed programs should be scrutinized for cost and impact on students.


  • Stand by our highly performing teachers and recognize the importance of finding ways to retain and attract our classroom teachers that positively impact our students on a daily basis.

  • Remain accessible to you. I will continue to listen to this community and share my views when appropriate.  


Sandy Lowe


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Sandy Lowe 

For Tempe Union High School District

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Education Priorities

  • Preparing All Students for Post-Graduation Career/College     

  • School Safety

  • Fiscally Responsible Budget For Long Term Health of TUHSD

  • Dedicated Resources Supporting Educators

  • Stakeholder Input & Communication